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Silver Engraving

As You Like It Silver Shop proudly employs one of the nation's finest hand-engraving artists to handle our customer's requests. Please note: we give first priority to items purchased from As You Like It Silver Shop. On average, our engraver requires between 14 and 21 days to complete an order. Orders are accepted on a rolling basis; the number of orders in process determines hand-engraving turn around time. Send us an email with the following information and we will complete your hand-engraving request:

1. Style Selection: Please look at the monogram style chart and choose a desired style.

2. Style Identification Number: Note the style identification number (below the preferred style).

3. Engraved Text: Write the letter(s) or words, you want engraved on the silver item.

4. Location: Tell us where to locate your chosen engraving. Please be as specific as possible. (Our engraver is a very good judge of lettering proportions that match the silver objects. However, you may require lettering to match other engraved items in your possession. If for this reason or another, you have a fixed size in mind, please let us know by using common size comparisons for our engraver. For instance, help us by describing the lettering in terms of sizes relative to a penny, nickel, dime, another common household reference, or an exact measurement.)

After you send the email, expect us to contact you with an estimate of the price and a date of completion. We charge separately for purchase and for a hand engraving upon completion. Please contact us by phone at 1-800-828-2311 should you have any questions.