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Selling Your Silver

We buy and trade (on occasion) sterling silver and silver plate. Call, email or send us by "snail mail" your list of flatware or hollowware. We are always buying sterling flatware; old, floral or grape patterned silver plate flatware; goblets; candelabra and candle sticks; tea services; large silver plate and sterling trays; etc. For best results, follow the instructions below:


Please have ready the following information before contacting us:

Pattern Name (if available---if not, make a photocopy and fax it to (504) 897-6335 or email us with a scan or digital picture)
Exact Count of each different piece (ex: 10 Cocktail Forks, 9 Ice Tea Spoons, etc.)
Length of the Dinner Fork and Dinner Knife (place fork face-down on ruler)
Condition (monogrammed ? If so, what is the monogram? Any deep scratches or disposal damage? Are blades on knives or butter spreaders pitted (pin size dark holes)?
Approximate Year Purchased
Hallmarking on back of forks, spoons, etc. (describe)

Usually, with this information, we can give you a quote on flatware immediately.


(Hollowware includes Candleware, Tea Services, Goblets, etc.)

Most of the time we require a picture as well as the following information:

Hallmarking (usually on underside of piece--including any symbols and numbers)
Condition (note any dents, monograms, wear to design)
Weight (for larger pieces of sterling only---lb. scale will usually be sufficient)


Phone: (800) 828-2311
Fax: (504) 897-6335

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