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Cleaning Polishing

As You Like it Silver Shop will professionally clean your silver for you, and at a very reasonable rate. Often, we can polish the items quickly, just in time for your weekend dinner party!

Cleaning your Silver

Whether you are polishing sterling or silver plate, we highly recommend our 4-piece cleaning kit. This has most everything you need, including our famous, easy to use As You Like It Silver Shop paste polish. You may apply the polish with the dense sponge included or a soft cotton fabric, such as a T-shirt or towel. The polish cleans by rubbing the polish on the piece, and depending on the sturdiness and degree of oxidation on the item you are polishing, you may rub the polish gently or more vigorously. Some people appreciate the way the oxidation builds up in the background of patterns or detail work on silver, while others prefer a thoroughly “clean” look. For the latter group, a soft toothbrush used with our polish will remove the oxidation from these areas.

Once you are done polishing the entire piece, the next step is rinsing. We recommend rinsing the silver in warm water, and using a horse hair brush, such as the Cape Cod brand brush (included), to remove any excess polish and film.

If you leave your silver candelabra, tea service, trays, etc. out to admire every day or if you have your silver displayed in a glass cabinet in your home, the Silver Butler drying cloth( included) is essential. Once you have rinsed your silverware, dry it with the Silver Butler towel and this will apply a layer of protection from the compounds in the air that oxidize your silver. This will preserve the shine on your silver for several additional months. If your silver is already polished, there is no need to polish it again before using the Silver Butler drying towel. You may simply rinse the item and then dry it off with the Silver Butler to apply the protective coating.